Get INSPIRED will encourage designers in the creation of  Lightweight Membrane Architecture.

For inspiration we are glad to the support of experts from all over the world.

The list of experts who provided us information is long and to name only a few Prof. Vinzenz Sedlak of Sydney Australia provided us an outstanding collection of several thousand projects. These projects are collected over decades and enriched with categories developed by him. Prof. Sedlak created the SDA (Structural Design Aid) and is also a briliant photographer who visited those projects mostly.

We are also thankfully to present the Project Archive from IF Group Horst Dürr and Stromeyer and Jörg Wagner Project Archive which are also a part of Get INSPIRED (Projectfinder).

From this huge support and our own research on over 2000 projects we could develop in over ten years now a so called "semantic" database.


The most straightforward and potent "Membrane Design tool" is made to encourage designers to create beautiful and quality membrane architecture.
Formfinder Online is available soon.
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Your dream on membrane architecture becomes reality!

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